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Improved Code Editor
When managing a site powered by my CMS, using the admin panel, you may find that you want to edit your PHP plugins or CSS stylesheets. This is now much easier thanks to the integration of CodePress.CodePress is a lightweight, fast, real-time syntax highlighter that makes reading your HTML, PHP and CSS...
Tags: admin panel, code editor, codepress, html, php, plugins, stylesheets
Using the File Manager
The File Manager is divided into seperate managers for images, downloads, layouts, plugins and multimedia. Upload, preview, edit or delete your files. These functions are available for all file managers..Download Manager - files available as downloadsUpload files to make available as downloads to your usersDelete any unwanted filesSupported filetypes: txt,...
Tags: custom layouts, downloads, file manager, images, multimedia, plugins, stylesheets, video
Using the Site Manager
The Site Manager is where you edit settings that'll be the same on every page, unless selected otherwise in the other managers. This mainly includes contact information and layout settings. Website Details - essential details about your websiteAdd your site name, used all over the site in many waysAdd a logo...
Tags: META information, analytics, clicky, css, help, site manager, stylesheets
Flexible Layouts and CSS Styles
Edit site-wide settings such as theme, width, background, or choose unique settings for each page. Easily select a layout module for your page and even customise layouts....
Tags: css, file manager, layout, stylesheets